Other Tools Modules

While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Data Analysis and Export for Data Mining


What is Data Mining and Export Module

Data Analysis and Export is a data analysis tool that offer management a way of investigating data and exporting to various formats. This module will primarily be used when management is performing data mining activities or looking for very specific safety information.

Data Analysis & Export is a dynamic sorting tool whereby managers can categorize and sort aviation incident and accident report information quickly and easily. This module includes all of the most important information for reported safety issues. Results can be exported to multiple formats, such as Excel.

Whereas other reports offer eye-pleasing charts that are useful to include in reports, the Data Analysis and Export module allows you to generate any type of data and create your own chart. All data can be filtered and narrowed down to provide very specific answers to very specific questions about your safety program.

Features of Data Analysis and Export Module

The data analysis and export module seems fairly straightforward, but large amount of data and numerous search filter allow for complex data mining. The primary features that make this module such a powerful tool are:

  • Every issue in your company;
  • Full text search for all issues;
  • Nearly 2 dozen, filterable columns of information for each safety issue;
  • Special auditor functionality for reviewing issues; and
  • Ability to export current view or all issues to Excel for further data mining.

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