Other Tools Modules

While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Ensure SMS Participation With Performance Monitor


What is Personal Safety Performance

The My Safety Performance module is where employees can view their safety score given the requirements that management configures. These safety requirements include the number of reported issues, number of logins, and up to five other elements of safety performance. 

Safety managers can view scores for all employees, and configure which elements of safety performance should be included in employees' safety scores. Additionally, mangers can give each employee a safety plan, and see if they have reviewed the Safety Policy within the last year. 

This module allows employees to see how they should be participating the SMS program, and track how well they are meeting management's standards.

Benefits of Personal Safety Performance Monitor

This module allows users to quickly view their safety performance and ensure that they are reaching the expectations of safety management. By having access to the data this module provides, employees have more incentive to:

  • Login and use the automation tool;
  • Report safety concerns;
  • Pay attention to meeting attendance;
  • Pay attention to completing assigned CPAs on time;
  • Pay attention to completing assigned issues on time; and
  • Do a yearly review of Safety Policies and Accountabilities.

In addition to reviewing each employee’s safety performance, safety manager can:

  • Set performance requirements for number of Automation Tool logins;
  • Set performance requirements for number of reported issues;
  • Create safety plans for each user; and
  • Configure which types of performance will be considered.