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While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Risk Analysis Charts Show SMS Performance


What is Risk Analysis Charts Module

Managing risk is one of the main activities of any FAA compliant SMS program and without a doubt, your airline or airport has practiced risk management processes defined in some manner or another.

The Part 5 Automation Tool’s Risk Analysis Charts module shows you many different types of issue-classification charts in your organization. These charts can be consulted against safety issues during the risk analysis process in order to understand the context of the safety issue in larger safety performance trends.

These charts may also be called "Quick Charts" because they are pie charts that you can use to quickly assess. Additionally, you can drill into each chart, for an effective number of up to 39 different charts in this module.

Benefits of Risk Analysis Charts

This module is extremely useful for quickly assessing performance, for easily comprehending the core performance data of your program, and presenting information to executives and stakeholders.

You can see data for all types of classifications, including filtering by key performance indicators. You also have the ability to drill in deeper to each chart, up to three classification layers deep.

This level of risk analysis ability significantly helps you maintain Part 5.71 Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement compliance.

Features of Risk Analysis Charts

Charts are broken out by "Number of Occurrences" in Risk Analysis Charts. Management easily applies date ranges and/or types of issues to quickly see real-time charts for:

  • A number specifically dedicated to KPIs;
  • Types of Issues;
  • Type of Processes Involved;
  • Root Causes;
  • Associated Risks/Hazards;
  • Human Factors;
  • Mission Delays (Flight Delays);
  • Status (open, closed, in progress...);
  • Department; and
  • Division.

More sophisticated Automation Tool™ implementations can take data from multiple portals to analyze business risk.

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