Other Tools Modules

While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Safety Workspace Module for Safety Access


What is Safety Workspace

The Automation Tool's Safety Workspace module gives employees a centralized location to access important safety information, such as:

  • CEO Commitment to Safety; and
  • Safety officer(s) contact information.

Beyond this, employees will see personalized safety information for safety data that is relevant to each user, each their:

  • Reported issues so they can follow up;
  • Assigned issues(for managers only); and
  • Assigned corrective preventive actions.

Each of these sections includes links to the relevant item, making the Safety Workspace module an efficient project management tool. 

Benefits of Safety Workspace Module

This module acts as a type of management tool for giving you quick access to your reported issues, issues assigned to you, CPAs assigned to you, your CEO’s commitment, and Safety Manager contact information.

With it, you can all of the most personally relevant information in a single glance. Where applicable, links are provided so that you can immediately access those items.

Features of Safety Workspace

The Safety Workspace module includes:

  • A section for all issues that you have reported, with links to each issue;
  • A section for all issues that have been assigned to you to manage, with links to the issue (for managers only);
  • A section for all corrective actions that have been assigned to you;
  • Information about the safety manager, including contact info; and
  • The CEO's commitment to safety.