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While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Issue Reporting for Reporting All Types of Concerns


What is Issue Reporting

The Issue Reporter allows stakeholders to submit hazards, risks, and many other types of concerns to management, such as safety, security, quality, or compliance. While submitting these issues, submitters will be able to include all relevant safety information that managers need to manage the issue, thus saving managers and reporters time with follow up questions.

This method of reporting gives all employees a safe, secure method of reporting workplace events to safety management. These issues can be submitted as private issues, where only management can view the report, or confidentially, where only the designated confidential manager can see the report.

This module is the primary way your organization will acquire data, which is an FAA Safety Assurance requirement.

Benefits of This Module

This module satisfies the FAA requirement for having a confidential reporting system, as well as having a process for data acquisition. This module comes with pre-built, mobile responsive forms, and allows you to quickly input all relevant information that management needs to investigate the issue. Reports are usually submitted in anywhere from 1-5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the concern.

Nearly all parts of issue reporting are configurable, allowing you to create a customized issue reporting experience that is specific to your organization’s needs. These configurations include everything from:

  • Which reports to include;
  • Locations and vehicles available; and
  • Wording for reports.

Additionally, this module can be used offline, whereby reconnecting to the internet will automatically submit your offline issue(s). Furthermore, the hazard reporting forms are mobile responsible, so employees can easily submit issues from all types of devices.

Features of Issue Reporting Module

The main features of the hazard reporting module are:

  • Submit issues with one of 12 mobile responsive custom reports;
  • Submit any of the 7 built is Issue Types, and create your own issue types;
  • Submit a quick report in as little at 30 seconds;
  • Submit a full report and include all important data, including locations, people involved, vehicles involved, etc.;
  • Submit privately or confidentially; and
  • Receive follow up emails with links to review actions taken on your submitted issue. 

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