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While these modules don't directly address FAA Part 5 requirements, they are included in the Part 5 Automation Tool to help you achieve compliance and performance.


Investigating Trends in Aviation Safety Management Systems


What are Trending Charts

The Part 5 Automation Tool’s trending charts module shows you the most important classification trends in your company based on all data and KPI data. All charts are organized by their type of classification, such as Hazards, Type of Issue, and so on.

The term "trend analysis" refers to the concept of collecting information and attempting to spot a pattern, or trend in the information. More sophisticated Automation Tool™ implementations can take data from multiple portals to analyze.

Benefits of Module

This module is extremely useful for delving deep into your safety performance in mitigating risks, as well as which types of issues, hazards, etc., are most important to your safety programs. In other words, this is a great module to establish your SMS program’s most pressing needs.

You can see data for all types of classifications, including filtering by key performance indicators. You also have the ability to drill in deeper to each chart, up to three classification layers deep.

This level of risk analysis ability significantly helps you maintain Part 5.71 Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement compliance.

Features of Trending Charts Module

When you first enter the module, you will see that there are 4 tabs. Each tab displays the same charts, but with different classification filters. You can see data for:

  • Types of Issue classifications;
  • Hazards classifications;
  • Root Cause classifications; and
  • Policies and Procedures classifications.

All charts can be drilled down into 3 classification levels, for an effective level of 48 unique charts available.

Additionally, you can view trends for custom time ranges using the time filters, as well as KPI data by using the KPI filter.

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