Hub for Performance Monitoring/Measurement Modules

What Analysis of Data Module is Used For

The Analysis of Data module fulfills FAA Part 5.71 Safety performance monitoring and measurement. This module is a hub for accessing the six important modules for performance monitoring:

  • Risk Analysis Charts;
  • Trending Charts;
  • Employee Performance Monitoring;
  • KPI Trend Monitoring;
  • Data Analysis and Export; and
  • Classifications Report.

These data monitoring modules allow you to gather data about your SMS program from every applicable angle, and eventually make a performance assessment. 

What Each Monitoring Module Does

Risk Analysis Charts

  • 13 different pie charts with many filters and ability to drill down into each pie chart, for an effective level of up to 39 charts.

Trending Charts

  • 16 extremely detailed trending charts about each level of classifications, with many filters,for an effective level of up to 48 charts.

Data Analysis and Export

  • Table of every reported issue in company, with 16 columns and many filters, and the ability to export the whole table or custom views for further data mining.

Classification Report

  • List of all issues that fulfill the given classification filters, time period, and type of concern.

KPI Trend Monitor

  • List of all KPIs, with number of classifications for each KPI in each year, and ability to normalize KPI classification data in order to compare your data to other SMS programs.

Employee Safety Performance Monitor

  • Monitor safety score of employees on a number of data, as well as monitor each employee's safety plan.