Auditing Suite


What is the Auditing Processes and Systems Suite

The Auditing and Processes and Systems module features all of the tools needed to ensure compliance with industry standards. Audits managed with the tool can be either internal or external by nature. The Auditing suite has many configuration options, allowing you to customize the module to your safety needs.

Audits can be conducted offline using multiple auditing forms, and later synced to the Automation Tool's server for further management of the audit and generating reports.

Benefits of the Auditing Suite

The Auditing Processes and Systems module fulfills FAA Part 5.71(a)(3) requirement for auditing operational processes and systems. The Auditing Processes and Systems module is extremely robust, allowing you to:

  • Use pre-built forms;
  • Build your own custom auditing forms;
  • Audit Vendors;
  • Create management plans for correcting audit issues and concerns; and
  • Ensure that your SMS program is compliant.

The Auditing Processes and Systems module can also be used by FAA auditors who are auditing your program, which is extremely efficient for them to document findings/concerns in your organization.

Auditing Process

Using the Auditing module is straightforward. The process is:

  • Enter Auditing form into the system, or use built in form like the FAA Order 5280.5c form;
  • Schedule the Audit to be performed, either on a single or recurring basis;
  • Conduct the audit;
  • Process concerns/findings through your Safety Assurance Process, such as creating corrective action plan; and
  • Perform follow up review.

Core Componenets of Auditing Suite

The core features of the Auditing Suite are:

  • Auditing dashboard;
  • Audit form creation;
  • Performing audits;
  • Audit scheduler;
  • Audit findings manager; and
  • Audit reports.

Some of the aviation industry's standard audit forms that are highly complex and would require significant time to input into the system are available as a quick add to your portal.