Automation Tool's Confidential Reporting System


Why Confidential Reporting Is Needed

The confidential reporting system is the same module as the issue reporting module, but it is included in the Safety Assurance pillar for two reasons:

  • Data Acquisition is a FAA Part 5 requirement in the Safety Assurance process; and
  • FAA Part 5 Safety Assurance requirements require you to have a process for confidential reporting.

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Confidential Reporting module fulfills both of these requirements.

What Confidential Reporting Includes

The Confidential Reporting module allows your employees to:

  • Submit a confidential report that only the designated confidential manager can view;
  • Submit a confidential report with custom reports; and
  • Include any number of extra details to provide all relevant data.

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Issue Reporting module is a risk management tool that gives employees a simple, efficient, and secure method of reporting any type of workplace event, including safety, security, quality or compliance.

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