Ensuring Safety Assurance with Continuous Improvement Module


What is the Continuous Improvement Module

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Continuous Improvement module displays all company corrective actions in a table. This module satisfies the FAA Part 5.75 Continuous Improvement compliance requirement. Corrective actions (CPAs) are created during your Safety Assurance process in the Investigation of Reports module.

This table includes all created CPAs, including important information about each corrective action. CPAs are organized by due date, with overdue CPAs listed first. Each CPA also contains a link to the issue where they originated, allowing managers to gather more information about the impetus behind creating the CPA.

This module allows you to task manage the corrective actions and ensure that they are being completed on time. Corrective actions that are not completed on time run the risk of drawing unwanted attention from FAA auditors, and compromising Safety Assurance compliance.

Benefits of Continuous Improvement Module

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Continuous Improvement module gives you access to every corrective-preventative action (CPA or CAPA) that has been created in your SMS program. This includes being able to view all most important information about each CPA, such as:

  • The responsible manager of each CPA;
  • To whom each CPA is assigned;
  • The due date of each CPA;
  • If given, the effectiveness rating of each CPA;
  • Send formal email of non-performance to managers in charge of overdue issues;
  • The status of each CPA; and
  • Other basic information about each CPA.

Additionally, there are many filters that can be used to generate custom CPA views. All of this information can be exported to Excel for further data-mining.

Using Continuous Improvement Module

Typically, the SMS Admins and Safety Officers monitor the Corrective Preventive Actions Manager to identify stalled items. In effect, this is a good module to include in weekly SMS reviews or meetings to ensure that mission-critical tasks are being completed.

The three most common use-cases for this module are:

  1. Ensure CPAs are being completed on time, such as during the weekly review;
  2. Data-mine existing CPAs to gather specific information, such as on a need by need basis; and
  3. Create custom views for CPAs, such as, All completed CPAs for the current year with an effectiveness rating of 4 or more."

A less common but useful use-case is to export the data to Excel, and then generate display charts with Excel's tools.

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