Assess Performance With Safety Objectives and KPIs


What is the Performance Assessment Module

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Performance Assessment module is designed to provide all of your core performance data in once place that you need to fulfill FAA Part 5.73 requirements. By core performance data, we mean:

  • Your safety goals;
  • Your safety objectives; and
  • Your key performance indicators.

Your assessment of these elements of your SMS program is at the heart of your safety program's performance. As a manager, you can use this module to easily view and modify safety objectives and KPI performance monitoring. Non-management users will only have access to view the safety objectives in the Safety Policy >> Safety Objectives module - they will not be able to see KPI objectives and management goals.

In real world use cases, this module should be consulted on a daily basis, as issues are managed, in order to understand the scope and place of a safety issue within the larger safety trends of the organization. The ability to do this is quite remarkable in both maintaining Part 5 compliance and in ensuring a performant safety management system.

Benefits of Performance Assessment Module

The Par 5 Automation Tool’s Performance Assessment module fulfills FAA Part 5.73 requirement for being able to assess safety performance against goals and objectives.

This module allows you to assess performance by:

  • Creating objective groups for each year, quarter, and so on;
  • List general company goals and specific objectives;
  • Automatically and manually monitor many objectives; and
  • View and set KPI objectives, as well as a KPI safety plan.

Features of Performance Assessment Module

The primary features of the Part 5 Automation Tool's Performance Assessment module are:

  • Set safety goals that all users can see;
  • Set safety goals that only management can see;
  • Set safety objectives and view objective performance for 10 automatically tracked objectives;
  • Set any number of manually tracked objectives;
  • View list of all KPIs, including number of times KPI was classified in a given year; and
  • Set KPI objectives and KPI safety plan.