Aviation Safety Management Dashboard Features


Benefits of Performance Dashboard

This module is truly one of the coolest modules in the Part 5 Automation tool. There are 40 chart tiles, each of which displays an important piece of performance data about your SMS Program.

Each tile has configurable security options, allowing you to customize the dashboard each user role sees. Each person can also move these charts around and create a custom view for themselves – you might for example your most pertinent tiles up to the top.

Additionally, these charts are real time and interactable.

These charts give you complete oversight over monitoring your operational processes and operational environment, which are FAA Part 5.71(1)(2) requirements. 

The Automation Tool's dashboard is configurable by managers and end users alike. Users position charts in a custom order on their home screen and save their preferences. Managers can set custom view permissions for over 3 dozen performance charts, allowing certain charts to be viewable by specific user roles. These charts literally cover every nook and cranny of your organization, from front line operational data to upper-management data. 

Finally, each dashboard contains guidance and business logic discussions so you can evaluate how to best use the chart in your organization. 

Configurable Dashboard Saves Aviation SMS Report Preferences

The Performance Dashboard preferences can be changed as new reports appear, or as changes are needed. For example, a manager may assume a new role as the Director of Training. Reports existspecifically for this role, which the user may wish to view each morning when he comes to work on his home screen. The Automation Tool allows users to easily configure the Performance Monitoring Dashboard reports without contacting IT support staff.

Focus on KPIs in Aviation SMS Reports with Performance Monitoring Dashboard

Below are examples of the types of reports available in the Performance Monitoring Dashboard, which include your aviation safety performance indicators or KPIs:

  • Reported Issues (several variations);
  • User Login statistics;
  • Top Reporters;
  • Map and Location Data regarding recent reports;
  • Issue's by department, type, etc.;
  • Top Root Causes of Incidents; and
  • Training & Qualifications (expiring).

As discussed, there are over 40 charts that come built in to your Automation Tool. If you need a special report to put into your User Dashboard, we can work with you to create it.