Safety Policy Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Policy pillar requirements.

What is Safety Policy?

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Every successful aviation SMS requires top management to assume primary responsibility for their organization's safety management system.

Accountable executives and upper management must plan and control employees’ activities and ensure adequate resources are available make safety controls effective.

Both quality and safety management systems preach that top management must demonstrate personal and material involvement in quality and safety activities.

SMS requires top management to clearly delineate safety duties and responsibilities throughout the organization.

Although the "accountable executive" assumes overall responsibility for safe operations, all organizational stakeholders must know their duties and responsibilities. Consequently, employees must empowered and involved with respect to ensuring safe operations.

To fulfill 14 CFR Part 5 regulations, the Part 5 Automation Tool includes specific modules and templates to facilitate Part 5 compliance.

Performance Objectives Regarding Safety Policy Component

Below are the basic performance objectives that FAA inspectors will expect when reviewing your SMS program:

  1. Develop and implement an integrated, comprehensive SMS for the entire organization.
  2. Incorporate procedure identifying and maintaining compliance with current safety-related legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.
  3. Define organization’s safety policy and communicate expectations and objectives to all employees.
  4. Define, document, and communicate safety roles, duties, responsibilities, and authorities to entire organization.
  5. Appoint a manager to manage, monitor, and coordinate SMS processes.
  6. Develop and implement procedures to mitigate results from accidents, incidents or operational emergencies.
  7. Have a document/record management process and a safety management plan that meet organizational safety expectations and objectives and also document safety policies, objectives, procedures.