Accountability and Authority

Accountabilities and Authority in Automation Tool

What is Accountability and Authority

Job authority outlines the authority, responsibility and expectations of all stakeholders.This authority is especially important regarding access to safety information and the ability to make certain safety decisions.

Many elements of a formal safety management system revolve around communication of policy and procedures. Communication across all level of an organization are important. Posting the job description and authority of key safety personnel is a great way to communicate the description of job authority of all stakeholders.

Purpose of Posting Job Accountability and Authority

Posting job authority in your Safety Policy not only fulfills FAA Part 5 Safety Policy requirements, but it let's everyone understand the scope and limitations of their role in the safety program.

Why is this important? Communicating the job authority to everyone helps diminish confusion arising when conflicting employees don't understand the authority, responsibility and expectations of the employee positions within the airport or airline. Managers may also use these items to assist in annual employee assessments.

Posting your safety job descriptions and authority in your Web based aviation safety management software Safety Policy allows employees to reference this information in one centralized location.

Job Accountability & Authority in the Automation Tool

Another requirement for an effective aviation SMS program is to communicate the job authority and accountability of key safety personnel.

In the Part 5 Automation Tool, this is easily done via the Safety Communication Board module, and is included as part of the My Safety Score module, whereby employees will need to review their accountability/authority once per year.

Managers may also use this module as a training tool, requiring Automation Tool users to periodically review their Accountability & Authority in the SMS Competencies and Training module for initial and recurrent training, as well as in the Training and Qualifications module.

More Information

Gain Operators Flight Safety Handbook 2001 (very good)