Designation and Responsibilities (Organizational Charts)

Designation and Responsibilities

What is Designation of Responsibilities Module

Every aviation SMS system will need an organizational chart to display the chain of command within the airline or airport. "Command" is a simple term to describe how a particular role fits into your SMS program, and what that role's responsibilities are.

SMS Organizational Charts, aka Org Charts, demonstrate Designation and Responsibilities in a visual, hierarchical format. Your Crg Chart help employees and stakeholders identify who has authority within your airline or airport organization. Org Charts also allow employees to quickly see how many managers work in your company and what the chain of command is.

Additionally, to meet Part 5.25 Designation and Responsibilities compliance requirements, your org chart should not only include each role in your company within the hierarchy, but each role should feature a brief list of that role's responsibilities.

Benefits of Designation and Responsibilities Module

This module provides an extremely quick way of satisfying the requirement for Designation and Responsibilities, which are listed in the module. These requirements simply entail that you list all important safety positions in your company, and each positions responsibilityies 

Using SMS Organizational Chart in the Automation Tool

The best way to demonstrate the organizational chart structure of your company is visually using an image. An organizational chart can be easily created in MS Word, MS Visio or even MS PowerPoint.

This module allows you to upload high resolution, large images in a central location for all employees to view. When viewing your Org Chart, the high resolution will allow employees to zoom in on specific roles and clearly ascertain exact specifications for that role.