Emergency Drills to Practice ERP

ERP Drills in the Automation Tool

What Are Emergency Drills

Emergency plan drills are essential for airlines and airports to train for, assess, practice, and improve performance in simulated, risk-free environments. Essentially, emergency plan drills provide you a way to stress test your SMS program, and validate that your Emergency Response Plan (a Part 5.27 requirement) works as intended.

Reports of these exercises can be kept on hand as proof that you are testing your Safety Policy for performance and compliance.

Benefits of Part 5 Automation Tool Emergency Drills

Besides compliance with regulatory requirements, airlines and airports benefit from conducting emergency drills by:

  • Clarifying and training personnel in roles and responsibilities;
  • Improving inter-agency coordination and communications;
  • Identifying shortcomings in qualified personnel and resources;
  • Improving individual performance; and
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement.

The Part 5 Automation Tool's ERP Drill module allows you to document, schedule, and submit emergency drills as safety issues, effectively tying them into the Safety Assurance Process .