Aviation SMS Safety Policies

Safety Policy in Automation Tool

What are Safety Policies

Safety policies remains one of the important items FAA auditors review when evaluating the state of airline/airport safety management systems. More audit findings and concerns revolve around safety policies than other items.

One of the reason auditors hone in on your safety policies is that they are the core of your Safety Policy, they are a Part 5.21 requirement, and they outline the bureaucratic framework of your SMS program. 

Purpose of Safety Policies Manager

The Safety Policies module is built to meet FAA Part 5.21 requirements. Also, it provides a means to list important information about your organization that is readily available to all employees, such as your non-punitive reporting policy.

Your company safety policy statement should be visible to all employees. It does no good if it is collecting dust on a shelf. When you purchase the Automation Tool™, you get access to sample policy statements that fulfill Part 5 Safety Policy requirements

If you came to this page for a safety policy statement example, click here to see the downloads.

Features of Safety Policies Manager

The Safety Policies module allows all users to:

  • View organizational policies and procedures online using IPad, IPhone, Laptop or Desktop
  • Easily add and edit policies from a Web-based word processor
  • Copy and paste your safety policy or procedures into the editor and publish
  • Link to safety policies on internal server or other website
  • Use templates for core policies required by FAA Part 5.21 requirements
  • Keep track of role based review dates for each user
  • Setup automated "email review reminders" for each policy and procedures, with up to two advanced notices before the review due date

An extremely useful function here is that some policies appear in applicable modules - for example, the Non-punitive Reporting Policy appears in the Hazard/Issue Reporting Module, and the CEO Commitment policy appears int he Safety Workspace module. This functionality ensure that important policies are visible in commonly used modules.

More Resources

FAA Safety Management Systems

 The FAA advisory circular (AC 120-92a)  provides great information on preparing policies, regardless of which country you live in. Review the section on Safety Policy. An excerpt follows: