Safety Promotion Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Promotion compliance requirements.


Safety Communication Boards Satisfy FAA Requirements


What are Communication Boards

The Safety Communication Board is a fundamental communication tool that satisfies the FAA Part 5.93 Safety Communication requirement. Communication boards are the same thing as a digital message board where you can "post" messages for employees to see and acknowledge. Communication boards are highly visible tools that centralize communication efforts in your SMS program.

You can then generate reports for which employees have and have not acknowledged certain messages. These reports include the type of acknowledgement each employee gave, such as whether they acknowledge and agree or acknowledge and disagree.

Topics that employees acknowledge are literally anything you need to communicate in your organization, such as SMS status updates, new policies, important safety awareness information, or aircraft operational notices. Communication boards are equally important for airport SMS and airline SMS programs alike.

Benefits of Safety Communication Board Module

This module satisfies FAA Part 5.93 requirement for Safety Communication. You can use this module to allow all employees to:

  • View messages;
  • Acknowledge messages; and
  • Search for messages.

Moreover, safety management will have additional options for creating, deleting, and filtering messages, as well as generating reports for who has and hasn’t read particular messages.

Features of Safety Communication Board

The safety communication boards has several unique features that offer many advantages of traditional "memo boards":

  • Send messages to specific user roles;
  • Integrate boards with documents;
  • Track who and who hasn't read messages;
  • Set read by dates; and
  • Send email reminders to employees who haven't read messages.