Safety Promotion Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Promotion compliance requirements.


Safety Training Article Library Provides Superior Training


Easily Overcome SMS Training Challenges

Aviation SMS training can be a major source of discomfort for improvement in an SMS program. Usually, this is because safety training is boring, repetitive, and out of employee's control.

This becomes especially apparent for veteran employees who see the same training material year after year. The Training Articles Library overcomes all of these challenges by allowing you to:

  • Automate training;
  • Provide different formats for training (videos, articles);
  • Let employee choose which training materials they want to review configured framework; and
  • Ensure that training articles are up to date, and are different than training materials an employee has reviewed in the past.

This module helps satisfy FAA Part 5.91 requirements for safety training

Benefits of Safety Training Articles

This module allows you to automate training in a way that is interesting, non-repetitive, and provides options for employees rather than “forcing” training materials upon them.

The Training Article Library allows you to:

  • List all internal and external company training articles;
  • Sort articles by category and recommend individual articles;
  • Provide training materials that are articles, videos, or other formats;
  • Track progress and generate reports for viewing training items;
  • Assign types of training items to different user roles; and
  • Assign number of training items per year based on user roles.

Main Features of Aviation Safety Training Articles Library

From an end user's perspective, the employee is simply browsing and reading educational safety training articles written by subject matter experts. There are over 300 aviation safety articles that are included in the library and the employee can browse the articles by pre-defined categories. Once you configure the training article requirements, the rest of the training is automated - notifications are automatically generated, and employees carry out their training from the comfort of their home or work.

As employees read the articles, the library documents the date and time that the employee first read the article. Employees only get credit for reading the article the first time, thereby avoiding duplicate articles and encouraging employees to expand their SMS training.

Managers are able to configure which categories each user role needs to read, and how many articles within a given category. Managers can configure as many categories as they would like.

Beyond the built in articles, managers can continue to add as many additional training materials as they would like. Additional training materials can be in any format, such as a Youtube video, PowerPoint presentation, etc. Anywhere you can link to on the web or local server, you can use as a training resource.

Finally, you can track each employee's training progress with multiple Safety Training Article reports.