Safety Promotion Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Promotion compliance requirements.


Manage Safety Training Resources


SMS Safety Training and Qualifications Module

The Part 5 Automation Tool's Training and Qualifications module provides you with many aviation safety training resources. In conjunction with the SMS Competencies and Training module, as well as the Safety Training Articles module, this module can be used as your main safety training resource as you satisfy FAA Part 5.91 requirements.

This training tool provides qualifications training requirements, and certification requirements based on user role. You can have different requirements for each user role in your portal, including user roles that you create.

Training and qualification items are valid for a given time period, after which relevant managers and trainees will receive notification that their training items are expiring soon.

Benefits and Features of Training and Qualifications Module

This module is extremely beneficial for managing all user role's specific training requirements, required training courses, certifications, and other training resources.

Specifically, this module provides you with the following benefits:

  • Create specific training course requirements (including expiry period) based on user role;
  • Manage all users with expired training items;
  • Automatic notifications of upcoming training items;
  • View training items for each user;
  • Manage training providers;
  • Generate Training and Qualifications Reports;
  • Schedule all training items for each user; and
  • Create qualifications required for each position/user role in your company. 

Resources for FAA Safety Training

FAA Aviation Safety Training Resources