Safety Risk Management Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Risk Management pillar compliance requirements.


Manage Change Using Web Based Risk Management Template


Management of Change with the Part 5 Automation Tool

The Automation Tool's Management of Change module allows you to properly document all change management activities, such as the implementation or revision of systems, changes to operational procedures, and so on.

Conveniently, the MOC module is integrated with the Safety Assurance process through the Investigation of Reports functionality. It is also integrated with your Systems Analysis-Hazard Identification module. In this way, the MOC module straddles both important processes, linking them together to ensure that your proactive and predictive activities during change management are processes through the appropriate formal channels. 

Furthermore, the Automation Tool's MOC module features a template, verbiage, and documentation options that were created in direct feedback from FAA auditors. As such, this module satisfies Part 5.51(a)(b)(c). You can also read the AC120-92B discussion documentation which discusses how to handle changes to your operations. 

Document Change Management Activities

Changes in your organization must be processed in a structured, consistent, and repeatable process.

The Automation Tool™ provides this consistency by organizing your change management into clear sections that follow your SRM Process system analysis model. When you document change management in the Automation Tool, you identify hazards, classify the change management, and document all aspects of the change.

Throughout this process, you will update your SRM Process to account for changes tot he system, and facilitate the change through your Safety Assurance process. 

SMS Management of Change module may be one the most beneficial modules to add to your Automation Tool portal.

One example use of your Management of Change module is adding a new route to your operation or bringing on a new type of aircraft. You can use this tool to document these modifications to your operation.