Safety Risk Management Modules

These Automation Tool modules satisfy FAA Part 5 Safety Risk Management pillar compliance requirements.


SRM Process Module is FAA SRM Process Compliance in One Place


What is SRM Process Module

Probably the most sought after Part 5 requirement is the Safety Risk Management Process pillar. This process requires you to document your entire operational risk profile, including all identified hazards, risks and control measures, as well as a complete description of all safety elements and resources for the various systems that comprise your operational environment.

The SRM Process module satisfies the entire Part 5 Risk Management Process requirement, including all elements of the Part 5 requirement.

SRM Process Module in the Automation Tool

The SRM Process module is designed to walk you through the FAA’s SRM Process, fulfilling each requirement along the way. For example, in this module you will:

  • Analyze your systems;
  • Identify your hazards;
  • Identify your risks, or risk analysis;
  • Assess your risks; and
  • Identify your control measures.

Moreover, this module is integrated with the Safety Assurance process module Investigation of Reports, as required by Part 5. In short, the SRM Process module provides a major area of Part 5 compliance all in one convenient place.

Tasks You Perform in the SRM Process Module

In response to every single FAA Part 5 requirement for the FAA SRM Process, you will conduct the following activities in this module:

  • Describe/analyze each system based on your chosen system analysis module;
  • Identify all hazards in your organization, organized by system and sub-system;
  • Perform risk analysis and identify each hazard's potential risk occurrences;
  • Assess each potential risk occurrence;
  • Assign risk controls to hazards;
  • Write any documentation notes; and
  • Submit a risk scenario or risk control as a safety issue if they don't meet your Acceptable Level of Safety requirements, thereby integrating your SRM Process with your Safety Assurance process.

These tasks can be organized into your SRM Process report, which details all activities you have performed in a very comprehensive report. 

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