About the FAA Part 5 Automation Tool

The FAA Part 5 Automation Tool evolved from SMS Pro aviation SMS database software. This Automation Tool was created the year after 14 CFR Part 5 went into effect. Part 5 Automation Tool was developed because the FAA's SMS structure does not exactly mirror the ICAO SMS recommendations found in ICAO Doc. 9859.

While 14 CFR Part 5 has the four components or pillars found in the ICAO SMS framework, we do not see the exact same ICAO's elements. FAA inspectors are taught Part 5 according to both:

  • 14 CFR Part 5; and
  • FAA Advisory Circular 120-92B.

Since FAA inspectors are taught to look for Part 5 verbiage and guidance, they become confused and argumentative when they see SMS database software that does not follow FAA guidance, such as SMS Pro.

What is the Part 5 Automation Tool?

Part 5 Automation Tool has been modified from the well-known aviation safety management system (SMS) database software called SMS Pro. SMS Pro is a web-based suite of modules that completely addresses the ICAO and EASA SMS requirements. SMS Pro is used by operators around the world, and is considered by consultants and many CAA inspectors as the best, most complete and most easily configured aviation SMS software product on the market.

SMS Pro fully addresses ICAO requirements, but the module names and templates don't fully align with what FAA inspectors are taught in Oklahoma City.


Who Should Use the Part 5 Automation Tool?

Any aviation service provider who needs to comply with CFR 14 Part 5 regulatory requirements will benefit from using the Part 5 Automation Tool. Part 5 Automation Tool is scalable and suitable for small, medium to large operations.

Why Should You Use the Part 5 Automation Tool?

Any operator who wants to have a complete aviation SMS software program that completely addresses Pat 5 will benefit from this tool. Setup can be done in as little as two days to two weeks. Larger operators may take longer to introduce the system, especially if you have:

  • Custom reporting forms;
  • Legacy data to import into the system;
  • ASAP reporting requirements; or
  • Union employee groups requiring "delicate treatment."

Furthermore, templates are included to reduce time to implementation, thereby saving you time and money.


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