How Do You Benefit From Using Part 5 Automation Tool?

Your safety team benefits from having the regulations and guidance material embedded within the aviation SMS database software. Managers can easily see Part 5 regulatory requirements and relevant guidance from AC 120-92B beneath modules that address specific regulatory requirements.

Your safety team saves both time and money by having templates available to modify. If you don't like our templates, use your own documents or use our other provided resources that can be downloaded from the SMS Pro resource site.

SMS Pro has been accepted by civil aviation authorities for over ten years. If you are also operating in Europe or other jurisdictions, it is highly probable that the civil aviation authorities have already reviewed and accepted the workflows present in both Part 5 Automation Tool and SMS Pro. In short, the two products are very similar, but the names, terms, organization, and some functionality have been modified in the Automation Tool to appease FAA inspectors.

If you have ever dealt with SMS inspectors, they become easily confused when they don't immediately recognize what they have been taught to look for.

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FAA Part 5 Compliance Out Of the Box

The Part 5 Automation Tool provides you with FAA Part 5 compliance out of the box. Each Part 5 requirement is satisfied in one of the Automation Tool modules. Modules names and verbiage are modeled after Part 5 requirements, allowing both you and auditors to clearly identify where and how Part 5 compliance is met.

Numerous Task-Automation Significantly Reduces Workload

Many tasks, forms, notifications, documentation updates, and other mission-critical processes are automated with this SMS software, saving your organization hundreds of man hours of manual work.

Report and Investigate Issues with Ease

Users can report safety concerns at your computer, from your cell phone, or offline, and then track their reported issues (closing the feedback loop). Managers can easily investigate and manage reported issues in a flexible process that offers complete Part 5 compliance documentation.

Built in Templates Save Time on SMS Documentation

The Part 5 Automation Tool comes built in with many templates, such as Part 5 Processes, Safety Policy templates, etc., that save you many hours of documentation.

Reports to Monitor Safety Performance
Over 100 Reports to Monitor Safety Performance

The Automation tool provides you with countless safety reports, displayed in visual appealing formats, that allow you to monitor safety performance in your SMS program from every possible angle.

Many Security Options
Many Security Options to Customize Your Data Transparency

You have a vast number of permissions that you can set in order to customize safety transparency, effectively adapting the safety transparency in your organization to your Automation Tool portal.


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